Success Rates – Autumn 2018

Success rates Autumn 2018 (40%)

Thinking about applying to us for funding and wondering what your chances for success are? The best way to find out the likelihood of being awarded funding is usually to get in touch and chat to us about your idea! However, we also like to give you an idea of how busy or competitive our funds are in general, so this blog post will give you a breakdown of our current success rates for the last six months up to 30th September 2018. 

Overall average success rate 40%

Before we do that, we wanted to let you know that our current average success rate for applications across all of our funds is just over 40%. This is because we always receive more good applications than we have money to fund, and are currently getting even more requests than usual – so competition for our grants is very high right now!

National Lottery Awards for All, 37%
At 37%, the success rate for National Lottery Awards for All Scotland has fallen again recently. This is due to another increase in the number of applications we’ve received over the last three months. This makes it all the more important to make sure your community is involved in the design and delivery of the work you want us to fund – as this is one of the most important factors in improving your chances.

Community-Led Activity, 72%

The success rate for grants for Community-Led Activity is still high at 72%. This is good news if you’re a local organisation looking to involve your community in well-being activities!

Improving Lives (Medium: £10k-£150k), 46%
Our medium grants for Improving Lives remain popular, with a success rate of 46%. Check this blog for some tips on improving your chances.

Improving Lives (Large: £150k+), 42%
There’s a two stage application process for our large grants for Improving Lives.  This success rate of 42% covers both stages. 58% of applicants were successful at the first stage, and 72% at the second stage. Check this blog for tips on applying.

Community Assets, 44%
The 44% success rate for Community Assets covers groups we’ve met and advised to apply for a grant. This low success rate reflects the enormously high demand for this funding, which we discussed alongside tips for applying in this blog.

Scottish Land Fund, 61%
The overall success rate of 61% for the Scottish Land Fund is good for communities looking to buy land and buildings which matter to them.

What do these success rates mean for me?

They can let you know how much competition you might face, but can’t tell you about your individual chances for success. A high success rate doesn’t guarantee you’ll be funded, and a low one doesn’t mean you won’t!

Do these success rates give the full picture?

Not exactly. Many organisations talk to us first and don’t end up applying. We typically talk to two- or three-times more potential applicants than actually apply. We do this to help figure out if our funding is right for you, to help you apply if it is, and to save you time and effort if it isn’t. To discuss an idea, just get in touch with our team in Scotland!

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