The National Lottery Community Fund Scotland

From today the Big Lottery Fund will now be known as The National Lottery Community Fund. You may have noticed the change on our social media channels, and with our name change we also have a brand new logo!

Our new name reflects our commitment to working more closely with communities and the fact that we are proud to distribute funds raised by National Lottery Players.

While we might have a new name, we’ve been working to get closer to communities here in Scotland over the last couple of years. Working more locally means we’re better placed to put people in the lead, and when that happens – communities thrive.

Will this have an impact on any organisation who is funded in my area?   

This will not impact our National Lottery funded work in your area, we’ve made this change to increase National Lottery players’ awareness of the excellent projects they make possible. From today we have changed our digital addresses: web, emails and social media. We have been in contact with all of our stakeholders in the run up to the change to let them know all about it.

Will locally funded organisations need to change their websites/headed paper etc?   

We aren’t asking grant-holders to replace any of their existing merchandise. We have asked them to keep using merchandise and signage they currently use until it is ready to be replaced. We are asking grant-holders to make as many digital changes as possible in order to assist with the switchover, such as website and social media, and we will help them along the way. 

When will grant holders be informed of this change?   

We emailed all grant holders on the 28thSeptember 2018, explaining the reasons behind the change and assuring them that there is no need to change any of their materials at this stage. Letting them know ahead of the public launch in January 2019 means we have had time to talk to them about the change, answer any questions and prepare resources to support them when the time comes to transition to the new name and logo. We have also emailed grant-holders today (29 January) as our new name and visual identity has gone live.

How will we be able to find you online?

You will be able to find us on Twitter with our new handle @TNLComFundScot and you can reach us on Facebook at

Our social media will be updated with our new branding, and we will have plenty of exciting content to celebrate our new name throughout the week – so keep an eye out!

You can find our website at:

If you have any other questions you can always get in touch through our blog or social media, where we will be more than happy to talk about our new name!

National Lottery funded Castlemilk Senior Centre

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