Lotto support for island communities

Two island communities in the Highlands and Islands are the latest to benefit from our Growing Community Assets (GCA) programme which aims to give Scotland’s communities more control over their own futures.

The awards will help to invest in the infrastructure of Muck, part of the Inner Hebrides and South Uist in the Western Isles.

Thanks to an award of £978,840, residents on the Isle of Muck will soon have a reliable and affordable electricity supply on tap. Currently the island’s power supply comes from a diesel generator, which only operates for 10 hours each day.  Now, the Isle of Muck Community Enterprise Ltd will be able to provide the 38 islanders with electricity round the clock for the very first time.

Residents of Lochboisdale on South Uist are to benefit from a GCA award of £996,000 to Stòras Uibhist. This will enable the harbour area be developed and extended to help towards the economic regeneration of the area.

Both groups are part of a wider £6.9 million package of grants to be announced from our Investing in Communities (IiC) fund. Find out more about these awards in our latest IiC press release.

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