Glasgow’s East End wins £3/4 million GCA boost

A project that pays homage to Glasgow’s industrial heritage receives over £800,000 today to create a community hub in the city’s east end that will provide better futures while celebrating the past, thanks to BIG.

Announcing the funding totalling £823,508 Big Lottery Fund Scotland Chair, Maureen McGinn, said: “Today’s award will improve the lives of many local people, providing a range of opportunities for  moving forward with training and job prospects and positively engaging with the Calton community in which they live, while paying homage to the area’s rich heritage. We are delighted to be funding this project, which demonstrates BIG’s commitment to making a difference.”

Thenue Housing Association’s project, Calton Heritage and Learning Centre receives £823,508 from BIG’s Growing Community Assets programme to provide local people with social, learning and training activities at a community space that celebrates the history and industrial legacy of the area.

Charlie Turner, Chief Executive of Thenue Housing, said: “This is wonderful news for Calton and Thenue and will be greatly welcomed by our community. Calton has made a great contribution to the City of Glasgow and in the 19th century was a powerhouse of industry and commerce. In particular, Calton was renowned for being the centre of the weaving industry which was crucial to the growth of Glasgow as an industrial city.

“Even today local people remain proud of that heritage, which Thenue Housing and our partners believe is worth celebrating and preserving for future generations. We are immensely grateful for this Lottery award to create the Calton Heritage and Learning Centre which will also provide a vital community hub for people living in Calton.” 

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