Investing in Communities – and Grace

Eighty one year old Grace will benefit from today’s Big Lottery Fund grant awards. She’s been using Connected, Confident and Included Inverclyde for nine years.

“I’ve had polio since I was six years old and it’s got much worse in the last ten years and I can only walk for really short distances now. I wouldn’t be able to do my shopping without the help of the shop mobility service as I couldn’t walk very far round the supermarket or go round any shops really.“

Grace on outing to Kelvingrove Museum
Grace on outing to Kelvingrove Museum

Run by Inverclyde Council on Disability today’s grant of £452,962 means they can expand their provision and help more disabled people and their families across Inverclyde.

Grace makes use of their shop mobility powered wheelchairs, and takes part in social activities, events and outings. “I have been to so many places and day trips I can’t keep up with it. Without Inverclyde Council on Disability I would never have been able to visit all of these places and it’s opened up a whole new world for me. I’ve made a good friend through these trips and we go on them together as well as doing other things like going for coffee.”

She’s also completed a variety of digital learning – covering courses in basic computing, digital photography, and e-mail and internet safety. Now equipped with her own laptop Grace is taking on the wide world and its web.

“The online learning has been brilliant. I do a lot of crafts and make my own cards. I can now use the computer to do lots of things like print off verses and look up craft websites for inspiration. I use e-mail to keep in touch with my family and knowing how to use the internet has opened up lots of new things to me – like keeping in touch with my nieces and nephews who don’t live near me. It’s great as I can keep up with the latest news on lots of different sites and I have even been on Twitter to find out what’s going on there.”

“Without Inverclyde Council on Disability I would be in the house for a lot of the time and not able to go out. It’s absolutely great the service is there and I am able to use it. Since I have not been able to walk it’s been a lifeline to me.”

Click here to find out more about our Investing in Communities programme and how it could help your project.

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