Important news for TSEIF applicants


Third Sctor Early Intervention Fund
Third Sctor Early Intervention Fund

There has been a huge response from the third sector in making bids for funding under the Third Sector Early Intervention Fund, demonstrating the range of important, high quality work that is delivered by the sector. 

Collectively, we are keen to support as much of this important work as possible and to continue to improve outcomes for children, young people and the families and communities who support them across Scotland.

 To further support that aim, Scottish Government are now seeking to develop a number of strategic funding partnerships with third sector organisations working in this area, in addition to those which will be supported by the TSEIF.

The time required for Scottish Government to conclude negotiations on this additional initiative means that the date of announcement of the outcomes of the TSEIF will be rescheduled beyond the previously published date of 31 March. We will now announce the outcome by end April 2013 alongside Scottish Government’s information about strategic funding partnerships. Scottish Government will take forward discussions about strategic funding during April.

All organisations currently funded by the UVSF, EYEA or CLD HQ funds will have additional funding made available until 30 April 2013. 

For organisations who receive funding from the TSEIF or via strategic partnerships, funding will begin from 1 May 2013.

For organisations who are unsuccessful in obtaining funding under the new arrangements and who were previously funded by UVSF, EYEA or CLD HQ Funds, transitional funding will be made available for the 3 month period from 1 May to 31 July 2013.

At the same time, BIG is looking at how best it can bring its own direct funding to help support more of the proposals received under TSEIF to maximise the support on offer and to maximise the outcomes of the fund.

We strongly believe that taking the time to achieve strong partnership arrangements over and above the TSEIF will help us to collectively secure better outcomes for children and families.

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