SCARF Chief Executive Billy Sloan shares his experiences of Better by Design

Better by Design

Before joining Better by Design SCARF had embarked on a journey.  We were changing and developing in positive way; we knew we wanted to put customers at the centre of everything SCARF did and we had a number of really good ideas but somehow we hadn’t travelled as far along the road as we’d hoped.  It was like we knew all the right words but hadn’t quite developed the ability to string them together into sentences. 

When Big Lottery’s Better by Design programme came along it was just right for us.  We would have been devastated if our bid had been unsuccessful!

It’s just the right kind of support for SCARF.  It’s not prescriptive and there’s an understanding that flexibility is the key.  That’s important.  This is not a standard consulting programme where they tell you less than you knew already in a format that’s not as good as your…

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