2014 Legacy spreads to the other side of the world

Four Glasgow pupils had an experience of Australian life last year and were able to share what life is like down under with their fellow students.

Bringing Australia to Govan
Bringing Australia to Govan

Thanks to an award from the National Lottery’s Celebrate programme, the pupils travelled with two teachers to Mount Gambier High School in Southern Australia.  Pupils from the Australian school had visited Glasgow in September 2012 and the return trip gave the Glasgow youngsters the chance to cement the friendships already made.

Teacher Lucy McNaught, said, “There has been a link between Govan High School and Mount Gambier High School in South Australia since 2001 when our head teachers met at an education conference.

“The focus of this exchange was to develop pupils’ knowledge of the Commonwealth and the Commonwealth Games and the pupils involved grabbed the opportunity that the Lottery funding gave them with both hands.  They visited Commonwealth Games venues from Melbourne 2006 Games and played in sports festivals against Australian schools.  Now they are back home they have been passing on all that they have learnt to the rest of the school during Australia Day Celebrations. It really was a once in a lifetime experience for them and one I am sure none of us will ever forget.

Melissa Rice, 14, said, “It was a fantastic experience and I am glad I got to go to visit the people who stayed with me before.  It was interesting to see what they did in school and be in the classes with them.  I really liked going to Toronga Zoo and seeing all the koalas and kangaroos.”

Celebrate has been developed by the Scottish Lottery Distributors Forum (SLDF) which is made up of all four Scottish Lottery Distributors, Big Lottery Fund, Creative Scotland, Heritage Lottery Fund and sportscotland. It is open to applications until the end of 2014 for celebrations of the people, places and culture of the Commonwealth and of the Games themselves. Find out more about the programme here.






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