Success rates and the opportunities of receiving funding

Last September we revealed what the success rates are for our funding. Our website pages also mentioned these, including an update in November 2016. Now we can give a full breakdown of these going from 1 April 2016 through to 31 December 2016. The most recent details are for 1 November 2016 to 31 December 2016:


Stage two applications

The numbers of stage two applications in comparison to stage one and ‘one-stage applications’ are still relatively low at the moment. Nonetheless, large grants for improving lives received 12 applications during 1 November 2016 and 31 December. The success rate for them was 83%. For stage two Scottish Land Fund, eight applications received a decision and all of them were successful.

Things to keep in mind about success rates

Our success rates can vary notably within a few months. Young Start particularly highlights this going from 26% in September and October 2016 to 65% in November 2783_1_thumbnail_746x498_page1_47827and December 2016.

Overall, whether there is a high or low success rate, it is best to make as strong a case as you can.

Community Assets

Since Community Assets opened in July 2016, we have noted how competitive it is and will be. It might then come as a surprise that 86% of stage one requests were successful.

Not all organisations will get onto the more formal consideration for Community Assets (stage one and stage two). We have initial conversations with applicants and possibly a visit. Most requests do not get as far as the above. It is also relatively early days for Community Assets in terms of how many formal decisions have been made.



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