The BIG tour continues

Over the past weeks and months our information team has been touring Scotland with a series of Big Information Days.

With South Lanarkshire now rescheduled on the Friday 24th August as our next stop here’s a reminder of what you can expect from our Big information sessions.

At each event, staff from BIG will provide information on all our current programmes in Scotland, including:

• Awards for All
• Investing in Ideas
• 2014 Communities
• Investing in Communities
• Young Start
• Communities and Families
• Community Spaces

As well as providing an overview of the programmes available, these half day events will give delegates an opportunity to meet on a one to one basis for project discussion with and advice from a BIG staff member.

The next event takes place on 21st July at Voluntary Sector Support Centre, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire. To reserve a place at this event or any of our other Big Information days, please contact the BIG Lottery Fund at or call our team on 0141 242 1400.

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